A fire and friends are all you need for a great evening, but some hot cinnamon tea and bourbon doesn
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Tribe of Passage

Purpose - Creation - Masculinity

Past Adventures- September 2021Sedona Men's Event
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What is Tribe of Passage?

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About Us

“We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made of us.”

– Jean-Paul Sartre

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

-- Henry David Thoreau

  • Does it feel like something is missing in life?

  • Has the fire and joy of life gone missing or been replaced by anxiety, resentment, dissatisfaction or exhaustion?

  • Are you missing deep connections with others in your life? 

  • As a man, what do you consider your positive masculine principles that guide your life and how do you express those now? 


Tribe of Passage - Connection to Self and Others

Finding your Self and your true calling in life is a rite of passage. It is a sacred ongoing journey, and you do not have to make it alone. If your work, relationship, health, or circumstances are unfulfilling, or if you are struggling to feel your passion in life, join with us. Discover and reconnect with your inner passion. Through coaching, networking, and ceremony, Tribe of Passage can help you create the life and relationships you have always wanted. 


Tribe of Passage events and programs are primarily for men. They explore what positive masculinity means to each of and how we can express that in a way that is in alignment with what we want to create in life. Our events provide information, connections, and adventures that allow us to dive deep into becoming the best versions of ourselves as men. 

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